Hope to Venice is an interactive augmented reality social game in which users spread hope to receive free limited edition augmented reality sculptures. To play: users with smart phones in the Venice area tweet with there location turned on,  those tweets are transformed into augmented reality objects of hope which rain down  upon Venice. Players can then collect items as they discover them scattered throughout the city. Players who generate the most hope will be offered a limited edition object of hope which can be installed at the users place of choosing.

on site tweeting

Hope to Venice will be centered around 2 main locations in Venice. The first will be at the Giardini where the Biennial is being held.  The second is at the San Marco Square. Hope will radiate out from these locations.
Tweeting with the #hope  hashtag generates objects of hope and spreads them across Venice from the main locations.
Home users can also send hopeful tweets.
All tweets of hope will rain down on Venice from the heavens. Great effort will be made to translate peoples tweets into accurate objects of hope.
Winner!!!, Little Johny spreads the most hope with 30 tweets and wins this custom object of hope!
An image of the user experience below

Project by
Mark Skwarek
Damon Baker


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